Our health system is composed of a wide range of dedicated health and social care professionals, specialists and managers delivering a diverse range of essential skills and services.

We consider it one of the many strengths of the union that our members are central to the delivery the full array of health and welfare services in Ireland.

Fórsa is the trade union representing all of the grades and professions represented here, which illustrates the complexity and variety of high-level skills our health and welfare systems require.

In our hospitals, community health system, residential and social care settings, and at the corporate centre of health service planning and delivery, you’ll find Fórsa members working hard to ensure the best possible health outcomes for all service users.

At the heart of it all

Behind that delivery is a network of professional support that ensures clinical services run as smoothly as possible. Clerical and administrative staff in health are always the first point of contact.

You’ll meet them in A&E and outpatient departments, coordinating the full range of clinical services and integrated community healthcare, as well as providing a range of specialised IT services, managing payroll and human resources. They are the home help coordinators and they’re at the frontline of child protection, and a community of professionals making sure vital healthcare supplies are to hand.

Without this dynamic mix of dedicated workers, which make up approximately 11% of the total health and welfare workforce, none of these supports would be available to our clinical professionals. Together, they strive to keep the heart of our health and welfare system beating. And Fórsa is proud to represent them.